Queen City Farm...

Monday evening, the folks at the Greater Buffalo Savings Bank helped out with Queen City Farm's first fund raiser. Here's the cool graphic.
Queen City Farm - 5.21.07
We were introduced to a short film by John Paget - John Paget Films - and heard speak passionately about the connection between sustainable neighborhoods, the farm - which will be one of North America's largest community gardens - and people's lives. Very compelling narrative provided by Cynthia Van Ness and Samina Raja. The 12-minute film is available on the Queen City Farm site.
Queen City Farm - 5.21.07 Queen City Farm - 5.21.07
Here's a few pix and link to a slide show from Monday's fundraiser. Make sure to check out Harold McNeil's piece that appeared in Tuesday's Buffalo News - here.

Here's a few additional links to 194 slide shows - interior pix and exterior pix. An earlier post - 194 East Utica...On Life Support - from last January, with plenty of links to additional posts.
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