Wide Open...Why?

In December 2004 an entity called Temple Empowerment purchased 202 Walden Avenue for $1000. As I mentioned two months ago in - What If? - a devestating fire ripped through the premises on November 6, 2006.

On Saturday afternoon the building remained wide open...
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Housing Court Index #1676/2005 details the continous inspection history of this building from September 2005 to the present. I'll be confirming this week with City Hall if a demolition order has been signed. Imagine that the City - you and me, folks - will be saddled with the demolition cost of this place.
Any one want to venture a guess as to the price tag?

Meanwhile the building has been wide open for the past 196 days...a few blocks away from a recently renovated City school and an Olmsted Park. If it were closer to Elmwood Avenue, think it would be properly sealed by now?

So it goes...
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