(re)Boarding Control...The Sequel

Remember - Boarding Control, Part II and Part III - a series of posts depicting the neglected resisdential property owned and managed by Bethel CDC? This is the organization run by our very own Rev. Richard Stenhouse who doubles as our City's Secretary/Treasurer of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority, aka - our Control Board.
Well, the Spring and Summer...seems like we'll have a sequel...Was poking around these same properties on Michigan Avenue earlier this week. They are directly across the street from the new home of Performing Arts HS, a 30 million project helping to establish this neighborhood as an arts and educational center.
IMG_7021[1] IMG_7015[1]
As you will see...all the houses remain wide open. Wonder if there are any houses like this on Jewett Parkway, near the Darwin Martin House, where Rev. Stenhouse lives? I mean if we can't get a City leader to take care of his own house...what hope is there for this emerging neighborhood. Bethel CDC, aside from the City itself, remains the largest owner of residential property in the immediate area, surrounding the new home of Performing Arts HS.

Any suggestions? Let me know...
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Anonymous said...

WHO put Rev. Stinkhole in office? I would say he needs to be removed from that position. Buffalo continues to elect people in that just want a check and do nothing for it other than run down the city and make it more of a joke nationwide. The people have the power by opening their mouths and demanding changes. These places have been open forever and their are many more thruout city. To whine in a blog won't fix it. If you accept that people get paid to do nothing for the city you deserve what u get.

Anonymous said...

Have these unboarded houses owned by a major housing agency been reported to the Mayor's Hotline? It is important to "officially" document such housing malpractice by publicly funded housing agencies.

One of the reasons I left Bflo was longstanding issues with WSNHS (West Side Neigh Housing Service). When I complained about their properties blighting neighborhoods instead of providing hope, I was prosecuted.

A dramatic example of WSNHS-owned blight at 334 Massachusetts, where I discovered a vintage Corvette being stripped, can be seen at:


Recently, WSNHS demolished 931 Prospect which blighted the neighborhood for 6 years after HSBC Bank gifted it to them in 2000.

I had been repeatedly warned by a prominent WSNHS Board member that I would be prosecuted with his support by the notorious eBay flipper he had befriended (Ray Osland), for complaining about Osland's removal of massive black mold without permits from the 3 house complex he bought for $10K at 101 Chenango.

Yesterday Channel 2 reported that the city will demolish 3 newbuilds on Sycamore having identical black-mold infestations.

This culture of unaccountability by politically-protected housing agencies must be systemmatically challenged. It destroys hope.

Dick Kern (in Mpls)

Anonymous said...

Report thrm to the mayor? Is that a joke? As if the clown is not aware of the vacant homes in city? He has enough of his own city owned homes to board. If he is not doing that why would he get erect nipples over the rev.?

Anonymous said...

Great point! It is disgusting that this is what our kids will see looking out window of their new school. That the person that could do something about it works beside Mayor Bozo comes as no surprise. It is a disgrace. Picket city hall. Demand a change in Buffalo. Make the dickheads do something.

Anonymous said...

Ray Osland is a crook and i'm looking for him. I bought 103 chenango which is a 5 unit for 80k in 2003 he offered to manage as i was living in California, i got rents for 3 months and found out he had literally stolen my money. I've contacted numerous lawayers if anybody is currently suing this guy please contact me i have all the paperwork that Ray osland provided and that wasn't the only property i bought off this guy during the two trips out to buffalo.