St. Mattew's Watch...Week #2

Weekly St. Matthew's Watch photographs...on Saturday we investigated, again!

St. Matthew's 5.19.07 St. Matthew's 5.19.07
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As you can see the church is still not properly secured. I've asked Scott Weinstein on numerous occasions to use something other than scraps of used plywood and church pews to secure "his" church.

Mowing the lawn and cutting the shrubbery would go a long way towards building some good-will in the neighborhood.

Here's the expanding post regarding - St. Matthew's History
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Anonymous said...

Honestly? I think they're going to wait out the six months and re-list it on eBay. That's what I'd do if I were them.

The best way to hamper that (if you're so inclined) would be to get the city to slap as many code violations as possible on it in the meantime. That'll probably end up screwing not the current owners, but whoever buys it without doing their due diligence. Which is what they'd deserve. (Come on, all it takes is a trip to the county recorder's office or equivalent....)

I frankly don't have a problem with them reselling. When someone buys at an inflated price, the new owners would be (more) motivated to make the property viable somehow. We could only hope that they'd have the motivation and resources to make it work! Sure beats letting it rot under city care, since clearly the city doesn't have the motivation and/or resources.

Anonymous said...

The Bishop should purchase this property, rehab it and use this as the base of operations in the city..AFTER , of course, selling its million $$ mc mansion and putting it back on the tax rolls.