Flip Flop?

It certainly would appear as though Scott Weinstein and David Serota have lost their passion for St. Matthew's.
side windows on Moselle, still not secured!
While the whole idea of locating a "community center" just a few blocks away from one of the City's most successful community centers - CRUCIAL, located at 230 Moselle St - is questionable, and I did give Scott the benefit of the doubt in our first email exchange and wished him every success in his venture, (yes, really...will share the email with anyone who asks for it...) I was rather dis-heartened to learn on Saturday afternoon that he still has not properly secured St. Matthew's.

Rather unbelievable as Scott had been concerned that the pews, alter and various architectural detail had been stolen at some point in the past few months.

Oh well. Wonder if he has a lawnmower...
IMG_7160 IMG_7154
Meanwhile, have always loved O - Scott's restaurant on Sheridan Drive. Was there a few years ago for the opening and have been back on several occasions. Rather transformative sort of place...feels more like NYC or Toronto. Amazing food...

Would like to think he'd bring the same level of passion to this project as he's done with O...
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