Saving Jesus...

Was tipped off a few hours ago that the St. Matthew's auction - Ebay # 330117130628 has been pulled! Hoping to have further details some time tomorrow morning...

Here's the background - Flipping (off) Jesus - in case you are just tuning in...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe his eyes were opened to the fact he can't flip it for 6 months after the deed was transferred, not 6 months after he signed the piece of paper?

How do we ensure this building gets back in housing court to ensure the owner takes responsibility for its condition? Or is it already in there?

I'm all for people taking a risk and investing in the city, or even speculating on the property but do it right. If you want to sell it down the road, all least temporarily seal the roof and windows to prevent further damage. If you want the land, pay to knock it down. Otherwise the city just gets it back, in worse shape, and pry still ends up footing the demolition bill down the road.

Honest Real Deal said...

The response in the community is far from "beserk", it is a cogent questioning of the terms under which the building was bought and is now being offered for sale.

It is my understanding that the buyer agreed that the building can be sold for up to $4200 within 6 months of the deed transfer from the City. After that period of time the sale price is open for the seller and buyer to decide.

As to the other issues raised by "Anonymous" (Weinstein?) vacant, delapidating buildings such as the Church in question exacerbate and sometimes harbor the problems.

Mr. Weinstein & Mr. Serotta, please secure and insure the building, and sell it to a reputable owner under the conditions you agreed to. The other business you have [ O RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE - 3047 Sheridan Drive Amherst NY 14226 716-332-4656 ] and your reputation depend on the transparent resolution of this debacle.