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Smart City is a weekly, hour-long public radio talk show that takes an in-depth look at urban life, the people, places, ideas and trends shaping cities. Host Carol Coletta talks with national and international public policy experts, elected officials, economists, business leaders, artists, developers, planners and others for a penetrating discussion of urban issues.

This weekend...
  • Eve Picker is transforming Pittsburgh's long-ignored downtown buildings into stylish residences and offices, setting the stage for future residential development in the heart of that city. Trained as an architect and urban designer, Eve has built an entrepreneurial real estate development business called No Wall Productions in Pittsburgh.
  • Jeanne Goodman was the very first investor in Boston's Jamaica Plain Cohousing where she now lives. It is an unusual style of shared living with neighbors to fit today's busy lifestyles. Jeanne is a co-housing advocate with Ecodevelopments. Her newest project is EcoVillage.
Listen to host Carol Colletta - list of additional stations/times - 7pm Sunday on WNED - 970 in Buffalo, NY. Past Shows are archived and the newsletter is published regularly.
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Raines said...

That's great that you've got Jeanne Goodman on -- I just visited her last week at Jamaica Plain cohousing. Very impressive what they've created there, and the degree of engagement with their neighbors.

However, I wouldn't say that cohousing is so unusual these days... with nearly 100 built communities and 100 under development across the country according to the Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US), it really is becoming mainstream -- so far mainly in clusters around Denver, the SF Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, New England, the D.C. area, and the NC Research Triangle, but more are popping up all over, including one in Lawrence, Kansas just moving in this month.

I noticed that your post didn't include a link to the under-development EcoVillage at JP, the housing element of which is now called Stony Brook Cohousing.

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach
Planning for Sustainable Communities
Berkeley (CA) Cohousing

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for stopping by and the EcoVillage link.