10 Edna...Gone...

Knew it wouldn't last...less than 30 days, list to sell! That's Artspace impact! Heard from Ryan that 10 Edna Place just sold for $15,000 -
Ryan has extensive knowledge of the Artspace Backyard Neighborhood. He'll keep you posted regarding additional listings.
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Anonymous said...

This is a screamin' deal on a used car. I wish we had dealers of "property" like this out West in California and Arizona. Can't get much of even a beater for $15K. Need to get a refinance on the house for a good used car out here!

Anonymous said...

Polis Realty Group is one of the biggest realtors in western New York. Yet according to T. Brisport, Director of Operations for Independent Sharing, Inc. “Polis does not seem to care about the people or the community of East Buffalo.”

Polis orchestrated a deal to sell property belonging to Ms. Bridges, a long-time Buffalo resident. Days before closing, Ms. Bridges attorney was forced to contact the buyer seeking relief. The contract had been negotiated by Polis, so that they would obtain 50% of the sale in realty fees. Ms. Bridges unable to sell is now in foreclosure procedures.

When confronted, CFO Mark Pagano, responded they have reviewed their documents and found no fault. Besides the very unusual standard of demanding 50% of sale, Polis finds itself in deals where it fails to verify ownership of property it is representing. “The unfortunate thing is this attitude results in homes left vacant and the people of Buffalo suffers,” Brisport says.

Buffalo is undergoing a period of transition but if you ask most east-side residents they would not know it. This is because the landscape is still dotted with vacant homes and lots. Some argue this is partly because of predatory realtors who seem to have no interest in the community.

Independent Sharing, Inc. is one organization that has been trying to reverse that trend. Brisport says, “we believe community revitalization must begin with home revitalization. “We support the Mayor’s plan to ensure decent affordable housing for all residents in safe and secure neighborhoods.”

fix buffalo said...

Anon 11:09,

Please stop spamming your comments all over this blog.

Your undocumented and unsubstantiated comments about Polis are no longer welcome.

They will be deleted in the future.