50 High Street...Gone!

Last weekend Aaron Ingrao and I toured the 50 High Street demolition site on the City's near East side [google map].
_DSC2703 _DSC2704
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Chris Byrd was there on Saturday morning...

Remember this from last October's demolition nearby by at the Hamlin House. Loved this pic!

See - Kaleida Archive for additional information.
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STEEL said...

the video would be so much more exciting if there was something actually planned for the site.

b said...

Wait a minute, you mean that's not where they're gonna put the new Ikea that Mayor Brown was talking about???

Damn I gotta stop skimming headlines in this city... seems I'm all confused...

Anonymous said...

there is..a shovel ready plot (aka parking);)

That building was hideous either way and is no loss.

Hopefully something goes up soon complimenting the new architecture in the medical corridor and not the single story cinder block crap that went up near main...