Woodlawn Row Houses - May 2007

I know...will mow the grass again this year...
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If you are interested in buying and renovating the Woodlawn Row Houses, let me know. Will help any qualified buyer wrestle this local-landmark from the City's hands.

Remember, the Woodlawn Row Houses are directly across the street from the new home of Performing Arts HS - a 30m public investment in the arts and education. Here's the map...you can't get any closer.

Here's the archive - Woodlawn Row Houses - to see Buffalo's best example of 'demolition by neglect' of a local-landmark. After 3 years of calling this to the City's attention, the place is still wide open. And despite my best efforts to keep the place boarded, you can quickly - see here & here - the Woodlawn Row Houses are still open to vandalism. Suggestions? Let me know.
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