City Playground

Spotted this City Playground over on Johnson Street - quikmap...
Will be keeping track of a number of City playgrounds this summer.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I doubt that much of anyone plays there. The photo reveals a diplapidated, falling-down sign, unmowed lawn, and general neglect. What would there be for anyone to do on this meaningless, empty space of unmowed lawn with no shubbery, no walkways, no signs of sport activity, etc.? -- It's really just a sign tacked onto part of the urban prairie. I'm amazed that the Prairie has reached all the way to Sycamore St. now. Unlike cities like Indianapolis and many others, which have saved the housing stocks and all the monumental buildings of neighborhoods like this, Buffalo's entire German American heritage and history in general will just be lost entirely.

Another sad specimen.