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If you follow these monthly up-dates you'll see the long slow process of "demolition by neglect" of one of Buffalo's historic landmarks. This building was designated a local landmark by the City's Preservation Board. It stands diagonally across the street from the former Buffalo Traditional High School - soon to be the future home of Performing Arts High School (September 2007). This building has been owned by the City of Buffalo since July, 2003.
July 2009
update...February 2007 - if you are seriously interested in pursuing this project let me know. A local architect has recently completed a feasibility study that I can make available for your project.

March 2009
This map will orient you to 147-153 Woodlawn Avenue and this little 25 block corner of Masten bounded by Main - Jefferson and East Ferry - East Utica.

Here's the monthly archive. The significant gaps in record keeping are synced with times that the row was under contract. I've compiled a flickr series with additional pics.
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