Property of the Weak...#1

This house is located at 2 Girard Place. According to City Hall, Cedric Walker is the owner of record. It's a 3/3 double and it's currently assesed at $3400.00 (no typo). There is no file over in Buffalo Housing Court on this property. According to neighbors its been looking like this for years.

Any takers? The house appears to be in good structural condition.

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This property is located two blocks away from East High School on Northampton Street where 25 million was recently spent on renovations under the Joint School Construction Project. Other houses on the block include this property at 31 Girard Place.

My experience suggests that 2 Girard Place is available for purchase despite the lack of a "for sale" sign. If you are interested and would like some assistance in tracking down the owner, please contact me.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That looks like it could be a great house!

Sure wish I was capable of restoring a place.

fixBuffalo said...


Please e-mail me fixbuffalo at gmail dot com to get the ball rolling...