12 Months....No Progress

I first started taking monthly pictures in March 2004. Here's the first pic from March last year. Click on the October archives - when I first started blogging - to see the other pics. They are in reverse chronological order so head to the bottom of the post to see all the pics. Here are the latest pics from last week.

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I've collected 152 signatures on the petition to date, 55 online signatures and the other signatures are from neighbors or from people who have attended various community meetings and have signed on to the petition.

A very well respected local attorney, totally versed in Housing Court matters, has offered his services to bring this matter in front of Judge Nowak. I'll keep interested parties up-to-date here on those proceedings and over at Buffalo Issue Alerts.

Meanwhile directly across the street from the Woodlawn Row Houses work continues on the new youth center.

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The major news for this little corner of Masten located between Main/Jefferson -- Ferry/Utica is the transformative urban news regarding Performing Arts High School's re-location to this neighborhood. The new Robert Traynham Coles inspired Erie County Library is closer to completion, too. Read about it here.

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