"Journey to Avoid Housing Court" Part II

Seems like if you own a Catholic Church you get a "free-pass" in Buffalo's Housing Court. As I've been reporting for months the Transfiguration Church on Buffalo's East Side is missing 50 percent of its roof. There is no slate and the sub-roof structure has failed, too. There are gaping holes and like there is nothing going on in Housing Court for the property, either.
Transfiguration Church Transfiguration Church Transfiguration Church Transfiguration Church - Interior Transfiguration Church
click the images to see the "demolition by neglect" of the Transfiguration Church on Buffalo's east-side
Well today the Transfiguration Church and handful of other former Catholic Church properties hit the Buffalo News in the second half of their series...Journey to Avoid Housing Court, Part II.
Monday August 29, 2005 BN Article
Journey to Avoid Housing Court, Part II
Talking Head...
We only need a building "this big"

Many of the diocese's smallest parishes are in city neighborhoods with tiny Catholic populations, including nine parishes with fewer than 300 registered families and 13 parishes with fewer than 200 families.

As I wrote yesterday in response to the Bishop Kmiec's plan to "de-commission" church property - Journey to Avoid Housing Court, Part I - I openly asked why Bishop Kmiec gets a "free pass" in Buffalo's Housing Court. I know, a Polish Bishop...Polish Housing Court Judge...and Polish Common Council President...but come on folks this is not 14th century europe...where the Catholic Church, was immune from criticism and beyond the reach of political transformation. BN doesn't even raise the Housing Court issue...I wonder why?

I mean, the BN quoted Common Council President David Franczyk as being worried. Well, David...being worried is not enough. We are expecting more. How 'bout a plan? Not like your recent one, please...But a plan that will hold the Bishop Kmiec accountable for the buildings they are planning on leaving behind. For starters you might want to force the Bishop's hand by denying building permits for "new church construction" - the new McChurch planned for Eagle and Hickory - untill they post a bond for the repair and maintence of the property they intend to dump and flip to unsuspecting congregations as they did in 1993. That worry shit just doesn't cut it anymore Mr. Council President.

And then alittle further down in the article we learn that the Catholic Church is a good corporate citizen.

The diocese vows to keep on top of all its property. "The diocese is a good corporate citizen," spokesman Kevin A. Keenan said.

Then we learn, again that the Immaculate Conception Church on Elmwood needs $750,000 in repairs. Right...and Mr. Keenan when I checked with the Department of Inspections this aftenoon they have no record of you or Bishop Kmiec filing for a building permit to correct these structural problems with the Immaculate Conception (no pun intended...I think). I'll check the permit office next week, too.

Let's see, who could we call? Hillary and Schumer seemed to be of some help with turning around the BRAC commission's finding for the Niagara Air Base last week. I'll call tomorrow...

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Partners for a Livable WNY...

Here's the August 29, 2005 report. Plenty of cool things on the calendar for September. Check the report for additional details. For example:
  • Tuesday September 13th - the EPIC Building, 1000 Main Street (between North and Allen Streets)6:00 p.m. – monthly meeting of Partners for a Livable Western New York.
  • Tuesday September 20th - the Nichols School, 7:00 p.m. – the next “Smart Growth is Smart Business” series presentation, entitled “Creating New Suburban Neighborhoods of Lasting Value.” The presenter will be Craig Lewis, a planner from Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte area was recently cited as being perhaps America’s leader in new urbanist developments.
I'll start archiving these reports at Partners for a Livable WNY - Archive for future reference.
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No Plans to Sell 79 Oakland Place

While many eyes were focused on the findings of the BRAC Commission last week as it related to the future fate of the Niagara Falls Airforce Base, another re-alignment commission held it's first meeting in East Aurora, NY.

Today's BN article...
"Journey to Avoid Housing Court" Part I

Bishop Kmiec was leading a “grass roots” commission composed of 24 selected and I presume highly influential people towards the eventual downsizing of the Buffalo Diocese’s real-estate portfolio. If past experience is to be our guide...brace yourself Buffalo…we are in for a whole new round of “demolition by neglect.”


Transfiguration Church - Interior Buffalo's Old Orphan Home

While Bishop Kmiec continues to reside at 79 Oakland Place, in the most expensive (highest assesment) residence in the City of Buffalo, it's helpful to remember what happens to former Catholic Church property when it's "flipped" to unsuspecting and irresponsible owners on Buffalo's east-side.

We’ve experienced this before here in Buffalo. Recently Bishop Kmiec closed the doors of the Immaculate Conception (Elmwood and Edward) last month and two years ago Bishop Manzell closed Turner-Carroll High School on the city's east-side. Both buildings now sit abandoned and empty.

Years ago the entire campus – school, rectory, convent and church – known as the Transfiguration Church (above left) was abandoned just like the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home on Dodge Street (above right). I don’t know which Bishop initiated that “journey to avoid housing court” yet as I've said, if past experience offers any indication of future performance we know two things are going to happen. One, Bishop Kmiec will abandon and close additional buildings on Buffalo’s east-side. And two…No one will hold him accountable for the maintenance of these buildings. Bishop Kmiec will get a “free-pass” and never end up in Judge Nowak’s Housing Court.

If you haven’t seen the video of Discovery Channel’s recent “urbex” venture (couresty of BuffaloRising and WNYmedia.net) in the Transfiguration Church it’s totally worth seeing. It totally reminds me of pics my Serb and Croat friends used to show me of war torn Sarajevo…three miles from Elmwood. In that short 8 minute video, one of the “urban explorers” climbs the steeple, discovers the bells of Transfiguration are still there and rings them. He claims that because the bells are still in place the building hasn’t been “de-commissioned” and is therefore still a catholic church.

Not being catholic, I’d really never thought about the this...if anyone could verify this sort of claim…I think it would be sort of cool. Ok. I’m just trying to figure out how to make sure the place doesn’t collapse under Katrina’s wrath or this winter’s snow. And if the place is still a catholic church…perhaps Bishop Kmiec might be able to sell his residence on Oakland Place…move to any of the diocese’s abandoned rectories…and use the proceeds to repair the place…just wondering.

Look for "Journey to Avoid Housing Court" Part II from the Buffalo News on Monday.


I’ll be tracking this "journey through faith and grace" and compare how other Catholic dioceses across the country deal with down-sizing, “demolition by neglect” and housing court. I’ll call this archive…

Annals of Neglect

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Art and Urbex...

In a recent BuffaloRising post about a Chris Jacobs project at 567 Exchange Street, I noticed that one of my favorite photographers, Brian Grinham posted a comment and hinted that he might be moving (back) to Buffalo. I first stumbled upon Brian's work about 18 months ago and it inspired me to get out and photo document my neighborhood...and so started my blogging...

You have to check out Brian's main site, Interstitial Photography. He will take you around the world with his talent but make sure to check out the link to his work about Buffalo Exploration. Once there you will quickly be guided to :
From Brian's site:
I take photographs to try and capture something most people miss or ignore. Beauty that is in plain site, but so often goes unnoticed. For the past few years that has translated into abandoned buildings. What attracts me to them is how they once were so important to so many, people spend their entire lives working in a given factory or office, yet through some twist of fate those once vital buildings become eyesores, blights on the landscape.
Brian will be in Buffalo during the Elmwood Arts Festival tomorrow. Make sure to check out his work. From a recent Live Journal entry, Brian writes...
I'm sure I've told just about everyone about this weekend, but just in case, I'm going to have a booth at the Elmwood Arts Festival this weekend where I'll be selling my soul prints. Last year they had more than 100,000 people attend so this could be really good :). I have about 100 matted 5x7 prints, 60 matted 8x10 prints, 15 full framed prints, and 15 limited edition super special real live 35mm hand developed hand proccessed blah blah prints. It's gonna be a wild weekend heheh.
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Latest about 14209...Another McPost Office?

As first reported here, in June, the Post Office at Northampton and Main Street will be relocating in the very near future. Allita Steward provided a copy of the minutes of two recent Community Meetings regarding this move. I've archived them here at 14209 Re-Location Archive.

Seems like if we really want to avoid the look and feel of another suburban style Post Office in a neighborhood close to you, I would encourage you to look at those meeting minutes and at a minimum e-mail some of the key players in the decision making chain of command.

Unless you want to see something like this...on Main Street!

DSCN1645 DSCN1638 McPost Office? DSCN1626 DSCN1617
Click a photo to locate a Buffalo "McPost Office" in a neighborhood near you!

Related Post: 14209 Re-Location Archive
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Artspace is Funded...

This just in from Albany...and here's the full text of that annoucement...
State to kick in $11M for Artspace project

New York state will pitch in $11 million in funding from various sources to spur development of the planned Artspace project on Buffalo's Main Street.

The announcement was made Thursday by Gov. George Pataki's office.

The money will be awarded through the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal to create a mixed-use building complete with commercial space, artist lofts, and housing.

"We are delighted that the Buffalo project has received this award," said a statement from L. Kelley Lindquist, president of Minneapolis-based Artspace Projects Inc. "This project has been blessed with great leadership from both the City of Buffalo and the State of New York. Thanks to that leadership, we can now proudly envision a permanent and affordable home for working artists and arts organizations on Main Street in Buffalo."

The entire project is pegged at $15.5 million, according to officials. It calls for the rehabilitation of the former Buffalo Electric Vehicle building and the construction of six townhouse-style buildings on adjacent vacant land.

Artspace - Buffalo, NY
And here's the full text of Governor Pataki's press release on Artspace. Seems like everyone, including mayor wanna be Byron Brown had something to say.

Make sure to check out the Artspace Archive for more information about Artspace and their other projects around the country. If you want to know just where this project is located in relation to other developments in the city, make sure to check out this neighborhood map.
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Out of Town...and Out of Touch...
Last Wednesday, in what according to the Buffalo News was a "hastily called" special session of the Common Council, the City of Buffalo loosened its grip on Perrysburg, NY. Frequent readers of my blog know that I've been tracking the Perrysburg Deal since it first appeared as a speck on the local radar screen in December 2004.
In spring of 1993, New York State closed the facility and the city of Buffalo had a ten year window under New York State law to do something with the place. Buffalo didn't do anything until this past Spring, when Common Council President David Franczyk and a gang of Merry Pranksters decided to "save the Perrysburg Forest."
a picture for you
David Franczyk - Preserver of the Status Quo
Seems like while Common Council President David Franczyk was away on vacation last week the rest of our elected officials voted 7-1 to release the so-called "reverter clause" that was part of the original deed and causing some of the problems for Perrysburg and Tom Trathen, a good guy who wants to put the property on the tax roles. In January, the Common Council voted 5-4 to block the sale. That vote prevented Tom Trathen from getting clear title to the 650 acres, 40 miles away in Perrysburg, NY.

Scott Cannon, the attorney representing Tom Trathen, was supposed to be in Cattaragus County Supreme Court in Little Valley, NY this week. In what is amounting to a Herculean task of prying loose David Franczyk's grip on the people of Perrysburg, City of Buffalo attorneys, successfully got this week's hearing for summary judgement adjourned over Cannon's "strenous objection." It's been re-scheduled for September 8th in Little Valley.

The Common Council voted to approve the release of the "reverter clause" with the following conditions.
  1. Sale proceeds to the City of Buffalo in the amount of $333,900;
  2. Transfer of property to the State of New York for sale to Trathen Co;
  3. Future transfer of some parcels by the State of New York to the Town of Perrysburg, as well as, the water system and necessary easements;
  4. Retaining reversionary interests in the balance of the property where the six (6) homes have been constructed;
  5. Prior written approval or disapproval from the City of Buffalo regarding the removal or demolition of the music dome in the dining hall.
The Former...JN Adam TB Hospital The Former...JN Adam TB Hospital The Former...JN Adam TB Hospital The Former...JN Adam TB Hospital The Former...JN Adam TB Hospital
click here for other images & slide show
Tom Trathen strikes me as the sort of guy who is going to plow forward with his law suit against us (City of Buffalo - and our anointed and elected leaders). He has to for two reasons. First, an Article 78 proceeding might commence at any moment in an attempt to tighten Franczyk's grip on Perrysburg. And two, who knows how wound up David Franczyk might be when he returns from his vacation. (I heard that he might be in Venezuela. Comparing notes with Chavez, I suspect. His office wouldn't return my calls.) He's a brilliant guy when it comes to procedural matters and may get the 7-1 vote overturned on some technicality. My bet is that he will through both options against the wall to see what sticks and bogs down real private sector economic development in Perrysburg for another year.
To put this all in proper perspective, imagine for a moment that the City of New York claimed they held title to a portion of our waterfront. We wanted to sell and NYC pretty much says, no - we will not let you and goes on to set up a series of conditions or hoops that you have to jump thru to clear title. In effect, holding Buffalo hostage. Meanwhile the group that wanted to buy the place backs away....well fortunately for Perrysburg, Tom Trathen will not back down. Especially conditions 4 and 5.
Meanwhile should we hope that when David Franzyck returns from his Venezuelan vacation that he attend to some urgent matters over in Broadway Fillmore, where he is reported to still be living. We'll see...when I showed his picture around "his" neighborhood last week, most people said they'd never seen him. Hmmm....
Transfiguration Church - Interior Wollenberg Grain Elevator Terminal City
click each Broadway/Fillmore pic and learn more
And if you want to read an hilarious anecdote to this textbook case of municipal malfeasance, check out what happened recently when two City of Buffalo attorneys ventured the 40 miles to Perrysburg.
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Two Buffalo Bloggers, Down for the Count?
We haven't heard from Figmo since this post about the BTF on August 6th at Buffalo Rising. This is the second time we've missed him.
***Update #2***
8/19 7pm
Alan is back at his old Wes Clark site...and Figmo comes back with a great post about downtown settlement patterns and a few great links to Joel Kotkin.

And the ClarencePundit...aka BuffaloPundit, Alan Benenko has an "out of order" message coming up on his blog. Infact the entire WNYmedia.net has been taken hostage.

I have to admit that I love the traffic Alan sends my way. And, lets just hope that the problem with his blog is similar to the car problems he had last week...LMAO....he ran out of gas...so if you see him tonite somewhere between Buffalo and Clarence, pick him up...so he can get back to his computer.
August 18 - 330am
Nothing yet from Alan...I'm assuming he's ok. WNYmedia.net is still down.
Figmo sends lots of love...he's "knee-deep" in bro projects...so any of you doubters (see comments) this was left at the bottom of Figmo's e-mail...
George Johnson, Jr., Publisher / Creative Director

Buffalo Rising Online
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Test Your Knowledge of the City...

Knowing your way around the City increases your understanding and appreciation for what Buffalo used to be and what it may become...(fingers crossed) someday. One of my favorite Buffalo trivia questions is, "What city street crosses Main Street and doesn't change names?" There's only one. You know East Ferry becomes West Ferry etc...so those streets don't count. Do you know?

And while at least one Clarence resident is still figuring out compass directions as they relate to the direction of Buffalo's Main Street, I'd like to challenge readers of this blog to this question...

Where are these two houses located? Leave your best answer in the comments section under the photos. (Cynthia, I know you know...so you can't guess!)
Where is this? Where is this?
click to enlarge
I'll leave the exact location on this map in a few days. Good luck!
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Artspace in the 'Hood...

The good folks at Hamilton, Houston & Lownie (HHL) have just released what the project at 1219 Main Street will look like.
This neighborhood map shows the proximity of Artspace to nearby arts & educational institutions. More about what it means for this emerging arts and educational neighorhood on the city's near east-side over here - Artspace Archive.

Here's what 1219 Main Street looks like today.
Artspace - 1219 Main Street
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A New Church on Woodlawn...
On Friday morning I snapped this pic on the left. The construction announcement was made in May, middle pic.

This new building on Woodlawn Avenue (see map) is just a few blocks away from the new permanent home of Performing Arts High School. It will become an integral part of the Cold Spring Church's family ministry. One of the more interesting things about the construction of this church, aside from their ministry, it's the first time I've ever seen a construction crane in the 'hood on the City's east-side.
New Buffalo Church Church Construction Site DSCN1855
click to enlarge
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On Friday I posted this about the SkyscraperPage.com and the forum thread about downtown Buffalo Development. Well it turns out that there is another site, called SkyscraperCity.com that contains similar content. Make sure to check out their forum about development and planning issues in downtown Buffalo. I noticed a few contributers from the other site. There are a number of other forums that are worth checking out. This forum about Upstate NY skylines was pretty cool.

While checking out the highly informed and intelligent banter about development and planning issues in Buffalo I stumbled upon some pretty unique pics that I have never seen before.
Liberty Building Buffalo & Toronto - Night Cityscape
click to enlarge

The middle pic of course is a pretty cool night time aerial view of Buffalo and Toronto.
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Flipping Churches, Part II

A few weeks ago I photographed the Immaculate Conception (Elmwood and Edward) and reported on the Bishop Kmiec's plan to close church buildings. I'm increasingly more skeptical and have heard nothing new from the Buffalo Diocese regarding their dis-investment plan for the City of Buffalo.

While on the phone with the Dept. of Inspections last week I learned that there is NO inspection file for the former Immaculate Conception church building. This, despite Bishop Kmiec's announcement that the structure is being (has been, it's now closed) abandoned by the Buffalo Diocese. I believe Bishop Kmiec said the structure is in need of $800,000 of repairs.

I found this cool aerial shot of Immaculate Conception while trolling a Buffalo Forum at SkyscraperPage.com which shows just how large the complex at Elmwood and Edward Street is.
Elmwood & Edward
click to enlarge
And while Bishop Kmiec continues to reside at 79 Oakland Place, in the most expensive (highest assesment) residence in the City of Buffalo, it's helpful to remember what happens to former Catholic Church property when it's "flipped" to unsuspecting and irresponsible owners.

Transfiguration Church - Interior Buffalo's Old Orphan Home
click to enlarge
I did have the opportunity to meet a young priest from Corpus Christi the other day while looking at a few city owned properties in the Broadway Fillmore District. He's from Poland and has been here in Buffalo for 18 months. He's built like a rugby player and was walking around the neighborhood in jeans and a t-shirt wearing sandals. Much like any guy you might bump into on the Elmwood strip near Coles on a Friday night. We chatted about the neighborhood and his ministry. He reminded me that the "Church" is not made of buildings...it's the people. He really emphasized this point a number of times during our 20 minute conversation. And in fairness it was the first time since moving into Buffalo 18 years ago that I have ever seen a parish priest out and about on the sidewalk just checking in on local parish members.

Yet, I was left wondering if that might be a good defense -- "Church" is not made of buildings...it's the people --- in Buffalo's Housing Court in front of Judge Henry Nowak, if and when the Bishop is hauled in for failing to keep the Immaculate Conception Church Building in good repair.

We'll see...
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If you haven't visited SkyscraperPage.com yet, you should. It's a website designed as a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information relating to urban development and planning issues all over the world. It's set up like SpeakUpWNY where you have to register to start posting. It's free to look around and join.
There is thread called, DownTown Buffalo Projects which is totally worth visiting. I first noticed that I was getting hits on my blog from one of the posts and decided to look into the site. I spent 2 hours sifting thru the first 10 pages of DownTown Buffalo Projects recently and plan to look at the additional 20 pages of informed and inspiring writing, pictures and critique of what is happening in our city.

Of course you can always visit the thread about Shanghai, Toronto and Chicago...if you have more time.

I lifted these pics from one of the posts about waterfront development. Take a look...
3lg 4lg
click to enlarge
The the hundreds of comments are sharp and insightful. Pictures and renderings that I have never seen before. My little blog about this little corner of Masten was mentioned here.


Demolition by Neglect...Part (?)

And to my surprise, Alan Bedenko via BuffaloPundit, now gets it. In a post titled Demolition by Neglect Alan is linking local municipal malfeasance with the housing crisis here in Buffalo, NY. Finally...a little respect. Alan's referring of course to this recent post about the City of Buffalo owned historic and totally neglected Woodlawn Row Houses. Thanks Alan.

But when the city owns the property - even historically significant property - it can get away with bloody murder. After all, who’s going to stop them? Do you think the inspections department under Ray McGurn is going to do a whole hell of a lot to prompt its bosses to act?

A good deal of the blight on the East side is attributable to properties owned and neglected by the City itself. Would that there was a citizens’ inspection department that could inspect and violate the city on its own properties.

Some of the comments are worth checking out that were left behind.

In addition to letting our hertitage rot away, we (and by “we” I mean all of us, not just the government we elected) should be equally ashamed that we’re permitting the construction of bland, cookie-cutter, mediocre buildings in their place.

I am naive in the ways of city planning but I don’t imagine the public has a direct say in what is approved for construction rather our electecd officials make those decisions, correct? Or are there public hearings at which we could voice our disapproval?

This is why a number of people are gathering around and supporting a smart urban planning and development decision for the new Post Office over here at Northampton and Main Street. Read all about what happens when Post Office officals get blasted by well informed citizens.

And another reader left behind a link to an op-ed piece by local Buffalo architect and urban good guy, Matthew W. Meier, that appeared in Tuesday's Buffalo News. It's really worth checking out in case you missed it.
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Blogging is Way Cool...
I mean what could be better than waking up on a Summer morning, checking your e-mail, reading thru Bloglines and Drudge. Yeah there is the occasional crap about Perrysburg and why "I hate parks" and trees. But then you get the real gem and you know you are on to something when a frequent reader sends you pics like these...
Sheridan Drive Niagara Falls Blvd - Tonawanda Creek Erie Canal & Sheridan Drive
click to enlarge
Before clicking the images, stop and guess where these spots are today. Click on each on of the pics for additional detail. They all come from a collection that Erie County keeps called 1920's Miscellaneous Aerial Photos.

Chris checks my blog on a regular basis and wrote this...
By now I think google maps are creeping up in everyone's inbox but I wanted to make you aware of some very cool aerial photographs from 1927. The Erie Canal & terminus are in full view, pre 190, pre city hall, pre baseball park, Erie St is in its original configuration, Erie Basin Marina is non existent, Central Terminal is in the process of being built, the Psych Center property goes all the way to Scajaqueda Creek, the list of amazing views goes on.
To see more of what Chris is writing about, here's the link. These views are amazing. Think of is as a 1927 Google satellite image of Buffalo and the surrounding area.

He goes on to write...
I know its not really your blog's style, but when I was reading the post on Court Street it made me think of how Erie Street used to connect Main directly to the Marina before they put in Cathedral Park and effecitively cut off direct access from the CBD's core to the Marina. Plus I thought it could tied into how decisions that were thought to be revolutionary at the time have lead to the whole subject of your blog.
And if you haven't seen the "Plans for Progress" as they relate to HealthNow, Duke Realty, our former Erie County Executive Dennis Gorski, and the further "modernization" of downtown, look no further.

Chris thanks for the perspective. Keep checking back.
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Get Ready to Duke it Out & We've Been Duked, Really! via Fix Buffalo
Duke Realty (NYSE- DRE) shares closed up slightly on Tuesday at $31.45
Look at all the beautiful "suburban style" office parks Duke Realty has built.
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Sweet Kleen(ed) - FollowUp...

In May, I first wrote this piece about a recently announced toxic hot-spot being cleaned up here on the city's east-side. I showed a few spots where some middle school kids were still accessing the site despite the EPA warnings. The property is known as 764 Kennsington Avenue (check the cool google satellite map).

I sited a Buffalo News article announcing the clean-up.
While this is a very good thing and the EPA has been doing fantastic work here in WNY with Superfund dollars, Buffalo News staff reporter John F. Bonfatti failed to mention that the current owner of the property is, yes...brace yourself...the City of Buffalo! Here's the official property description. There was no mention in Bonfatti's article of the environmental hazards and levels of contamination. Another example of loserville journalism.
Well I had the opportunity to check out the former business known as Sweet Kleen and the $600,000 tax payer demolition of the site. The "deco" looking facade is pretty much all that remains of the complex. The buiding to the right of the main entrance is down and the buildings toward the rear have been demolished.
8/1/05 8/1/05 8/1/05
click to enlarge
Kids still sneak in through the "properly secured" fencing on the site. I mean, I was wondering too, what might be in those white barrels. The Buffalo News mentioned something about theommon dry-cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene. Wonder if a "Hickory Woods" style tax-payer subsidized housing complex will appear on the site sometime soon?

Related Post: Sweet Kleen(ed) 5/13/05
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Woodlawn Row House - August 2005 Update

I first started photo documenting the "demolition by neglect" of the Woodlawn Row Houses back in March 2004. Little has changed. The back side of the row houses is still open to the elements. Former Chief Building Inspector Lou Petrucci had the basement entrance sealed six months after I first asked that the property be properly secured.

Here are the most current pics.

DSCN1861 DSCN1860
click to enlarge
Follow these monthly up-dates to see the long slow process of "demolition by neglect" of one of Buffalo's historic land-marks. Remember this building was designated a "local-landmark," sits diagonally across the street from the former Buffalo Traditional High School - soon to be the future home of Performing Arts High School and has been owned by the City of Buffalo since July, 2003.

I started Fix Buffalo in October last year as a way of documenting and focusing on this little neighborhood in the Masten District. The 25 block neighborhood bounded by Main - Jefferson & East Ferry to East Utica is the primary focus of my blogging.

Here's the map that will help orient you to the Woodlawn Row Houses and this little corner of Masten.
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