If you haven't visited SkyscraperPage.com yet, you should. It's a website designed as a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information relating to urban development and planning issues all over the world. It's set up like SpeakUpWNY where you have to register to start posting. It's free to look around and join.
There is thread called, DownTown Buffalo Projects which is totally worth visiting. I first noticed that I was getting hits on my blog from one of the posts and decided to look into the site. I spent 2 hours sifting thru the first 10 pages of DownTown Buffalo Projects recently and plan to look at the additional 20 pages of informed and inspiring writing, pictures and critique of what is happening in our city.

Of course you can always visit the thread about Shanghai, Toronto and Chicago...if you have more time.

I lifted these pics from one of the posts about waterfront development. Take a look...
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The the hundreds of comments are sharp and insightful. Pictures and renderings that I have never seen before. My little blog about this little corner of Masten was mentioned here.

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Anonymous said...

Notes on that waterfront rendering...I believe that is an old rendering from some consultant that is not involved in the Buffalo waterfront project.

Thank God, since that is a terrible design for a waterfront near a downtown area. It is reminiscent of a horrible suburban office park located somewhere near Dallas, way too much open grass and no urban fabric whatsoever.

Cheers- Anonymous, NYC, NY