Two Buffalo Bloggers, Down for the Count?
We haven't heard from Figmo since this post about the BTF on August 6th at Buffalo Rising. This is the second time we've missed him.
***Update #2***
8/19 7pm
Alan is back at his old Wes Clark site...and Figmo comes back with a great post about downtown settlement patterns and a few great links to Joel Kotkin.

And the ClarencePundit...aka BuffaloPundit, Alan Benenko has an "out of order" message coming up on his blog. Infact the entire WNYmedia.net has been taken hostage.

I have to admit that I love the traffic Alan sends my way. And, lets just hope that the problem with his blog is similar to the car problems he had last week...LMAO....he ran out of gas...so if you see him tonite somewhere between Buffalo and Clarence, pick him up...so he can get back to his computer.
August 18 - 330am
Nothing yet from Alan...I'm assuming he's ok. WNYmedia.net is still down.
Figmo sends lots of love...he's "knee-deep" in bro projects...so any of you doubters (see comments) this was left at the bottom of Figmo's e-mail...
George Johnson, Jr., Publisher / Creative Director

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Jen(nifer) said...

See my blog for details :)

Anonymous said...

I heard Figmo has left Buffalo Rising and is going to be blogging for Buffalo Spree. Him and Newell had some huge falling out.

Proud Teacher said...

As if we need to hear from yuppie union haters. I hope they both keep quiet. Florence Johnson's son is probably planning a charter school like Chris Jacobs has and BuffaloPundit lives in Clarence so who the hell cares what he has to say, especially about the rights of labor and education in the City of Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

Proud teacher isn't proud enough to use his/her real name.

fix buffalo said...

Proud Teacher...and who are you? Florence is the only elected public official that I know here in WNY that blogs...though I'm sure you have posted comments there as anon. too.

Grow up...use your own name and stop spouting that "No Teacher Left Behind" crap...it's about the students, not you. Or did you forget.

fix buffalo said...

Almost forgot...Chris Jacobs, I worked on his school board campaign...and some other joint projects in the past...solid guy. Ever hear of the Bison Fund...check it out. It impacts children's lives in a positive way.

Rufus said...

Yep, it looks like Figmo made his truimphant return today. Glad to see it.

Alan said...

WNYmedia.net seems to be back online