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I mean what could be better than waking up on a Summer morning, checking your e-mail, reading thru Bloglines and Drudge. Yeah there is the occasional crap about Perrysburg and why "I hate parks" and trees. But then you get the real gem and you know you are on to something when a frequent reader sends you pics like these...
Sheridan Drive Niagara Falls Blvd - Tonawanda Creek Erie Canal & Sheridan Drive
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Before clicking the images, stop and guess where these spots are today. Click on each on of the pics for additional detail. They all come from a collection that Erie County keeps called 1920's Miscellaneous Aerial Photos.

Chris checks my blog on a regular basis and wrote this...
By now I think google maps are creeping up in everyone's inbox but I wanted to make you aware of some very cool aerial photographs from 1927. The Erie Canal & terminus are in full view, pre 190, pre city hall, pre baseball park, Erie St is in its original configuration, Erie Basin Marina is non existent, Central Terminal is in the process of being built, the Psych Center property goes all the way to Scajaqueda Creek, the list of amazing views goes on.
To see more of what Chris is writing about, here's the link. These views are amazing. Think of is as a 1927 Google satellite image of Buffalo and the surrounding area.

He goes on to write...
I know its not really your blog's style, but when I was reading the post on Court Street it made me think of how Erie Street used to connect Main directly to the Marina before they put in Cathedral Park and effecitively cut off direct access from the CBD's core to the Marina. Plus I thought it could tied into how decisions that were thought to be revolutionary at the time have lead to the whole subject of your blog.
And if you haven't seen the "Plans for Progress" as they relate to HealthNow, Duke Realty, our former Erie County Executive Dennis Gorski, and the further "modernization" of downtown, look no further.

Chris thanks for the perspective. Keep checking back.
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