Woodlawn Row House - August 2005 Update

I first started photo documenting the "demolition by neglect" of the Woodlawn Row Houses back in March 2004. Little has changed. The back side of the row houses is still open to the elements. Former Chief Building Inspector Lou Petrucci had the basement entrance sealed six months after I first asked that the property be properly secured.

Here are the most current pics.

DSCN1861 DSCN1860
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Follow these monthly up-dates to see the long slow process of "demolition by neglect" of one of Buffalo's historic land-marks. Remember this building was designated a "local-landmark," sits diagonally across the street from the former Buffalo Traditional High School - soon to be the future home of Performing Arts High School and has been owned by the City of Buffalo since July, 2003.

I started Fix Buffalo in October last year as a way of documenting and focusing on this little neighborhood in the Masten District. The 25 block neighborhood bounded by Main - Jefferson & East Ferry to East Utica is the primary focus of my blogging.

Here's the map that will help orient you to the Woodlawn Row Houses and this little corner of Masten.
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Anonymous said...

It is clearly obvious that Harvey's missing clapboard poses much more of a threat to the safety and well being of the city than these buildings.