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David Franczyk still doesn’t get it. He’s asked Westchester Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, who just happens to be the democratic front runner for NYS Attorney General, for some help in saving the trees down in Perrysburg. Here's the Buffalo News article.

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Richard Brodsky & David Franczyk put the squeeze on another NYS employer

It’s understandable that David Franczyck would like to save the trees in Perrysburg. His forest disappeared a long time ago. It use to be known as the Fillmore District and is now home to more blighted buildings per block than any urban center this side of Calcutta. A recent walk down Koons Avenue last week demonstrates the neglect and lack of serious attention to our urban core. I counted 19 houses boarded and vacant in a two block stretch of Koons Avenue. I mean there were only 50 houses on the street.

Assemblyman Brodsky is no stranger to attention and controversy. When some Scarsdale, NY soccer moms didn’t think their kids should take standardized tests, Richard Brodsky was there claiming that Westchester kids should opt out of these tests. He even sponsored legislation about that. He is now trying to endear Buffalo residents to his “good government game” by assisting David Franczyk in thwarting the Trathen deal for good. That is not good news.

I first started writing about this deal a few months ago.

I’ve archived Buffalo News articles and letters, too.

This is good news. New York State has a very transparent process in selling surplus property. H. Carl McCall, Buffalo control board member and former NYS Comptroller was trying to sell the site years ago. No takers. This process is good for every NYS taxpayer and perhaps a model that the city of Buffalo could follow in un-loading buildings (Wollenberg Grain Elevator on Koons – David) that it owns and refuses to maintain.

The argument that Franczyk uses is disingenuous, self-serving and altogether misleading. He is trying to build a case that the old JN Adam Tuberculosis Hospital is worth a whole lot more than what Tom Trathen is willing to pay for it. Fully functioning and operational, sure. Thing is Tom Trathen has a solid track record of running a good business and has the support of environmental groups. The forward liability costs for Buffalo to absorb the property if the deal falls apart would be extraordinary. According to Perrysburg Town Supervisior, Myrton Sprague, the Trathen deal is the only viable bid in a decade.

We all know that something is really only worth what someone else is willing to pay. For example, let’s take a look at some other real estate. You might think that your two-family house on Gibson or Playter Street (Broadway Market area) is worth 30K because that is what the city assessment says. And you further believe this because you have been paying taxes for 15 years based on this inflated valuation. Yet the reality is the house won’t even sell for 10% of its assessed value. In most cases you can’t even pay a buyer to take a house in those neighborhoods. Furthermore, many banks refuse to take back Fillmore District property during mortgage foreclosure proceedings. Reason, these properties are liabilities and have lost their asset value. The three other reasons…location, location, location.

Rather than killing the deal in Perrysburg, David Franczyk’s time would be much better spent here in Buffalo focusing on core-urban issues and what’s left of the Fillmore District. How about helping your neighbors lower the 30K assessment of their homes to reflect the true $1000 value.

To make matters worse NYS Assemblyman Richard Brodsky is trying to make a name for himself outside of his toney Westchester District just in time for next year’s state wide primary push. He will most likely battle Andrew Cuomo for NYS Attorney General.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has finished playing the “good government game” in Monroe county by investing alleged fraud in how businesses receive favorable treatment in the state’s Empire Zones. It was a fake investigation.

He thinks the 1,700 jobs that a company created 60 miles from Buffalo shouldn’t be eligible for special tax treatment, because the parent company also has business interests in India. Assemblyman Brodsky’s answer, last week he sponsored legislation that would prohibit favorable Empire Zone tax treatment for any company that does business outside of New York State. Insane…

That sort of protectionist game coupled with Franczyk’s paternalism and elitism - “I know what’s best” - got us into the mess. We are being played, again.

Common sense tells us that when you are in over your head, you ask for help. David, Tom Trathen returns calls. Get the deal done, limit our liability and focus on core business. It’s that simple.

Kind of makes you wonder…if the Fillmore District were an actual forest, the Sierra Club might be leading the charge against David Franczyk for his failed stewardship, don’t you think?

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