Woodlawn Row Houses - May 2008

Earlier this week I received an email from the new owners of the Woodlawn Row Houses. fixBuffalo readers may remember that the City of Buffalo sold this 'local landmark' for $8500.00 to the Urban Development Partners, LLC last September.
Buffalo's Common Council has approved their plans and with financing in place one of the partners told me that they expect to start work sometime later this month. I've been following the story of the Woodlawn Row Houses for the last four years - see, archive. They've remained a focal point of this blog since the beginning for a variety of reasons. Back in the day when neighborhoods were as tight as Brooklyn, there used to be 21 sets (see map) of row houses here in Cold Springs. Today, only three sets of these architecturally unique dwellings remain. I'll be following the project closely and hope to have an interview with the new owners very soon.

The Woodlawn Row Houses were one of 104 other properties that were on the block last September during a special auction. Ineresting that only 31 of these city owned properties will be transferred to new owners. Here's that updated list.
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