Woodlawn Row Houses - April 2007

Had the opportunity in mid March to show the row houses to another party. Things are developing. I very much like the idea of turning one of these places - they were designed as single family homes - from a two family back to a single. In this scenario, purchaser would do exterior work on all four units, moth-ball three of them and only after finishing the first row house would she continue developing the remaining three units.

Remember, the Woodlawn Row Houses are directly across the street from the new home of Performing Arts HS - a 30m public investment in the arts and education. Here's the map...you can't get any closer.
Here's the archive - Woodlawn Row Houses - to see Buffalo's best example of 'demolition by neglect' of a local-landmark. After 3 years of calling this to the City's attention, the place is still wide open. And despite my best efforts to keep the place boarded, you can quickly - see here & here - the Woodlawn Row Houses are still open to vandalism. Suggestions? Let me know.
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Anonymous said...

These row houses are SO San Francisco-looking. San Francisco is so, so fortunate, while Buffalo is so the opposite.

But with some Act of God, or something, perhaps some development could change the scenario.

I still can only see the SUNY movement into the Buffalo core as the way to keep the city from rotting to ruin. It is an outrageous neglect of the public interest and the public purse to keep dumping taxpayer money into that horrible scene in Amherst.