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Just received the latest e-newsletter from George Grasser and Partner's for a Liveable WNY - April 27, 2007. Check out the latest e-newsletter to learn more about the increasingly larger conversation in the area about about land-use and urban planning issues.

Excellent series happening in Niagara Falls. Here's George and Tim Wannamaker.
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I've archived past Partner's Newsletters, over here.
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Anonymous said...

It's just so, so important to realize that preservation is an integral part of urban planning, zoning, and all those "macro" issues that old-house-huggers too often would just as soon not address. If the politics and issues of planning are not the framework within which preservation takes place, preservatio n cannot happen to any signficant degree. I would think it wouldn't be even relevant to have to say this, but I see this fact neglected constantly. The preservation community, splintered as it is with its own politics, shies away from the nitty gritty politics that are shaping the city and prefers to focus on a few elegant blocks of houses or museum pieces.