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Totally spaced on Good Friday's Housing Court date involving the future of Transfiguration Church. Über City Inspector Tracy Krug rewrote the church for court earlier this year - index #276/2007. The case names local Buffalo attorney, William Trezevant as a defendant. A concurrent case, index #275/2007 names his mother, Pauline Nowak as a defendant, too.

photo - Jay Morrison
If you're not familiar with this church in chaos, check out Sean's slide show - Inside Transfiguration. Local film maker John Paget - Paget Films - and I spent a few hours inside last November and produced this short video. And as I reported in Sign of Things to Come - in December 2005...
The Transfiguration Church, three miles from Elmwood, was first written for Housing Court on March 13, 1997. In the last 8 years Transfiguration has journeyed through Housing Court 61 times and the file, case #869/97 has seen four seperate Housing Court judges. Judge Broderick passed the file to Judge Devlin who tossed it to Common Council President David Franczyk's brother and finally Judge Fiorella issued a warrant for Pauline Nowak [no relation to Judge Nowak] on September 25, 2002. She's an officer of Paul Francis Associates, Inc., the party that bought the crumbling church from Bishop Mansell in October, 1995.
I'll find out this week what happened on Good Friday in Housing Court...

Visit my Transfiguration Archive for additional background.
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