St. Anne's &Vergara

Frequent fixBuffalo readers know that I became rather transfixed with the work of Camilo José Vergara (1944 - ) How the Other Half Worships (2005) that I first wrote about in late October 2006 - Vergara on Church.

Yesterday, while walking around in the fog we spotted this store front church next to St. Anne's.
Vergara often includes in his critique of the American ghetto photo documentation of storefront churches springing up in the shadows of these gothic wonders. Similar phenomenon on Sycamore Street across from Transfiguration Church, too.
photo by MJ
The Preservation Coalition held their annual meeting at St. Anne's in January, right here.
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Anonymous said...

I love this shot. I have yet to post mine. The weather Sat had a nice "mood" to it.

I can imagine St. Ann's flanked by rowhouses along Broadway and the rear school turned into apartments. How sweet would that look incorporating some of the older brick structures that still stand near by?

Some day I'll win the $300 million in the lottery to make something like that come true ;)

Anonymous said...

close up: