BAVPA ReConstruction - End Week 42

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April 22, 2007 - Day 304
While most of the work at Performing Arts has been happening on the inside of the school, the scaffolding on the last of the three new additions is coming down. As seen from the continuing series of roof top shots, the exterior work at the new Art Wing is almost complete.
Performing Arts HS - April 2007
The corner will be enclosed in glass! Check out the slide show - Performing Arts April 2007 - and see some of the truly exciting work that's been happening here on the City's near East side.
See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.
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Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. They always talked about getting a new school, but I thought nothing ever changes in Buffalo. I guess I was wrong.

fixBuffalo said...


Believe it...amazing. Click through some of the related posts in the construction archive to see the progress!

The challenge of course is to link the various programming aspects of the school's curriculum to the exciting developments and institutions in the neighborhood...

Anonymous said...

wow this school is wonder ful i am one of the students at the school and i see that the teachers are mean and very ignorant and cant stand them and they cant stand us and i will report this school if i get another complaint i am leaving