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The "urban prairie" is often littered with un-expected items. Last November I posted - Urban Erosion - and continue to receive dozens of hits everyday from this post on Wikipedia.

Saw this old Wurlitzer player piano on the prairie Sunday afternoon. Just sort of laying there, next to this organ on Grape Street.
Picture 766
This is really a first, for me. Seen lots of things and when we took a closer look it seemed as though it may have been played maybe 20 years ago or so.
Picture 769 Picture 768
MJ grabbed this pic of another piano we saw later in the day. It was decomposing, too. Part of the compost pile! Still one of my favorite urban prairie posts - Little House on the (urban) Prairie. And yes, the house is still available.
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Anonymous said...

Quite fitting that objects like this should be added to the Urban Prairie. Many personal items including pianos were dumped on the prairie of the great plains when settlers moved west in their wagon trains. People did not know what to expect and they brought crazy things like heavy pianos which had to be dumped to lighten the load. The stuff stayed there for many years (to modern times) Much of it has been scavenged and would be a very rare find today