Artspace Flickr Tour...

Jim Lindley has organized the Buffalo Flickr Group to meet-up at the Sonic Café this Saturday for the Artspace Backyard Neighborhood (Photo) Tour. Last month Jim toured the neighborhood for the first time and had this to say...
I saw the area this morning, and it's weird because it's only 2 blocks from my house but the whole area is in a blindspot for me because it's on the other side of Delaware Ave.
I'll leave it up to Jim to designate a special tag so we can quickly assemble a slide show of the event. Should be way cool.

Jim was the guy who got the ball rolling on this recent story - Snapshots of Buffalo - that appeared in the Buffalo News recently and is now archived over at the BERC site.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for volunteering to show us around. Do you mind giving me a little snippet of itinerary that I can post to the Buffalo group to let them know what we'll be seeing?

See you Saturday!

Planet Tyler said...

Thanks SO much for the tour. I spend a lot of time outside (running) and always love to gawk at everything I pass. The "other side" of Main St has always been included. But I never knew what I'm was looking at...thanks!