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Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. Mcguire: Plastics.
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Anonymous said...

Your pics of various homes in Buffalo, remodeling & new construction, are shown very well.
perhaps you could combine them in a brochure and possibly market them to Certainteed or Georgia -Pacific. They could probably save thousands/advertising, in promoting their maintenance free products.

Mark Williams said...

Being away from Buffalo I was not aware that the Balcom-Chandler House had been demolished.

I truly believed that someone with imagination would have contacted International Chimney and had the house relocated to an in-fill location considering all of the hype surrounding the last remaining residential building in Niagara Square.

I think the “little brick house with the square turret” would have made an interesting juxtaposition in relationship to the mirrored façade of the new federal courthouse building.

A reflection of the past mirrored into the new.

However, if incorporated into the courthouse design, it probably would have become a “garden wall” like the Gas Works Building façade of the new Health Now Building.

Incidentally, around the corner on Delavan there was a house destroyed by fire that was of the same style of the Atwater House, if only there was an in-fill program that could have relocated the Atwater House to this location as a replacement.

Yes, it all cost money but there is always money for demolition….

Anonymous said...

Complain, complain, complain about materials and don't celebrate the investment and new housing. Unreal.

You want bricks and mortar, then you invest the money, otherwise deal with it.

I've come to really despise the whining and complaining by the "urban elite" who feel they have a duty to bitch and complain about every single detail of every single project, every single time.

If you want something better, put up and shut up.

It's to the point where groups like PFALWNY, NM, and these blogs are just being ignored more and more because all the continue to do it pitch stones from the edge of the action and try to obstruct everything.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree. There is nothing wrong with that house. Not everyone likes rehabbing a house. Not everyone can afford to. Some people prefer to build a new house because they don't like the surprises that come with owning an older home, like replacing a roof in 10 years, or plumbing, or want to keep their heating and electric down, etc. Not everyone can pick up a hammer and fix something simple in their home, as easy as it sounds to a person like me. People should be welcoming him to the neighborhood instead of patronizing him for using vinyl on the side of his house.

As long as he’s paying taxes, keeping his property in nice shape, and is a good person that cares about his community he’s an asset. Start treating him like it.

Suburban and vinyl are not negative things and I’m sick of Buffalo residents treating them like they are. I am also sick of hearing “if you don’t like it then leave.” Well a lot of people have and if we don’t start addressing and accepting certain things a lot more will. But that’s an entire different subject all together for an entire different post.