Exploring Forgotten Buffalo...

Spent the day exploring new locations on the City's East side...lots of urbex, too!
Picture 799
More about this location, soon. Meanwhile, MJ was blazing trails with me this afternoon. Check out his sneak preview - right here!

You'll never guess who we saw as we started the tour!
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Anonymous said...

A pleasure as always. This weather is great for aimless roaming and trying to find the "mayor of the fruit belt". Its always eye opening to talk to homeowners you come across.

I always have song lyrics backtracking my explorations. This one was prevelant yesterday based on how the day unfolded:

"We had no choice but to stay and follow
We have nothing left except tomorrow
We have nothing left except what will be
What we need here are some real decisions
While you only offer mindless visions
Visions that nobody else here can see

Right there in the earth, I've been drawing a line
I'm digging it deep, don't know if I'll find
A tunnel out so we all can be saved
If not, just take this earth and bury me, for this will be my grave"

Hopefully someday we'll run into my $1 3 story brick tavern...

Anonymous said...

That facility used to belong to Houdaille Hershey. They made springs and dampeners for military equipment during the second world war. It actually looks like someone's cleaned up the place a little. When I was there back in the summer, there was insulation all over the floor of that beautifully lit top level. The place is still pretty trashed though. I don't imagine it stands much chance of survival.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the woman in white. I think she has some serious contamination phobias. But the fact that everybody is not exactly alike is what makes city living so compelling.