BAVPA ReConstruction - End Week 39

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March 30, 2007 - Day 281
Another way cool roof top pic...
Picture 389
Any other bloggers offering weekly roof top pix of 30m construction projects? Love to know...

The building's exterior is nearing completion. Living directly across the street from this project has been a treat, especially at 7am when crews start banging away at the scaffolding. Really amazed at how clean this site is compared to the mess over at Artspace. Saturday morning everyone agreed that Savarino has not been good to the neighborhood in terms of keeping that site clean. The pieces of broken brick that had fallen two weeks ago - just narrowly missing me - were still on the sidewalk. In sharp contrast, Eric and the whole LP Ciminelli crew have kept things in top shape over here.

Last Friday while walking around both Artspace and Performing Arts HS with Stip, you may have missed these interior photos. I'd originally placed them in a slide show showing the latest developments at both project sites.
Picture 285 Picture 284 Picture 283 Picture 282
Picture 280 Picture 279 Picture 278 Picture 277
Picture 276 Picture 271 Picture 269 Picture 270
Here's one of my first video attempts. A very short look at the renovation of the auditorium - right here.
See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.
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