Buffalo News 2.0

The Buffalo News has arrived, finally! Today, the latest iteration of Buffalo's largest print media outlet stepped into the 21st century.

Running off the Typepad platform, the blogs at the Buffalo News are beginning to take shape, too - right here. Comments are so far un-moderated, so feel free to jump into the fray. I have.

Wrote this - New v. Old - back in January about blogs and newspapers. Still think that our friends 100 minutes away in Toronto have set the bench mark for blogging...
Toronto Star reporters blog about their writing and dialog with readers on a regular basis, right here. One of coolest parts of the Toronto Star on-line is the guided tour section - right here. Like to get to the Kensington Market at some point in the near future - so just checked out A culinary tour of the Kensington Market.
Will be keeping on eye on how things develop and how various reporters at the Buffalo News respond to the comment stream. Should be interesting...so far as of 9pm, it's rather quiet.
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it's about time...