A City Bountiful...

Make sure to check out the latest Artvoice for additional information about Queen City Farm. Gabe Armstrong writes in A City Bountiful...
It’s rare that the words “city” and “farm” are uttered in the same breath. In Buffalo this might soon become commonplace.

Rod McCallum, a community activist, has an urban farm in mind for the city’s near East Side. He recently laid eyes upon the mostly derelict block bound by East Utica, Purdy, Masten and Glenwood streets. The block is dotted by boarded-up houses and vacant lots where many homes once stood.

At the center of this block stands [read the rest...]
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Anonymous said...

David, thanks for the link.

On the new Buffalo Urbanism-oriented forum I just started (click my name for the link), I posted a thread to discuss urban farming. In it there is a very large photo which gives a clearer context to the vastness of vacant land surrounding 194 E.Utica: