Partners for a Livable WNY - March 2007

Just received the latest e-newsletter from George Grasser and Partners for a Liveable WNY - March 2007. George is adding hyperlinks to some of his commentary and notes for further exploration of what's happening here and around the country. Check it out.
Upstate New York is not Appalachia, but is perceived as such nationwide and it is at risk for even more serious decline in the future. Conventional economic development tools of tax breaks and subsidies are not enough to turn the situation around. Spitzer and Gundersen must truly understand the assets Upstate has and build on those assets specifically in order for Upstate to have a shot at true economic revival.

William Fulton – planner- University of Southern California, journalist, consultant and elected official (City Council, Ventura, CA). Mr. Fulton was the closing presenter at the Partners for a Livable Western New York 2005 “Smart Growth is Smart Business” series.
I've archived past Partner's Newsletters, over here.
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Anonymous said...

several of my friends here in florida, all natives of new york state, see upstate new york as an overly taxed and overly regulated region. almost in the same breath, they will say how much they like the architecture and the natural beauty of the upstate area. they also talk about the severity of the winters.