Deconstructing Buffalo...

Caught up with Michael Gainer and the crew from Buffalo ReUse this morning at the Central Terminal. During the press conference we learned that Buffalo ReUse scored a major $187,000 grant and is setting up shop underneath the Central Terminal.
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This is a major step forward for Buffalo. Reusing old building materials is not new. Intuitively it makes very good sense. First started thinking about this with Michele Johnson a few years ago. What is new and very exciting is Michael is doing it. He's catching us up with other parts of the country where this sort of activity is common place. While visiting friends in Vermont recently, I had an opportunity to check out ReNew in Brattleboro.
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Additional morning pix...
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Here's the gang, last October at 26 Lombard Street. Follow that link for additional resources about deconstructing Buffalo.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support, The Hat brought us good luck!

Jafafa Hots said...

They've been doing this in the SF Bay area for decades.

In some ways it would be nice if there were fewer "parts" of old Buffalo buildings to reuse.

Anonymous said...

The one with hardhat and the red n white drink mug looks very tastey. Where can i get him?

whitney said...

Yay! These are great pictures of the event, wish I could've been there!