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Two follow up pieces in the local media recently about the Artspace Opening later this week.

In Artvoice this week Gabe Armstrong's piece...
Breaking down barriers though Art,” might come off sounding like one of those lofty mission statements that is easily dismissed as pretentious banter. But in true, literal form, this loopy phrase will soon mean a lot on Buffalo Near East Side.

The Midtown neighborhood straddling Main Street between East Utica and Best Streets has been part of the long dividing line between the East and West Sides of the city...read the rest...
And in Sunday's Buffalo News, Wendy Holmes and Andrew Commers from Artspace central, have a short Q & A about various issues surrounding the project.
Our team here at Artspace led by project manager Will Law, and the project architect, Hamilton Houston Lownie, put together what is a pretty interesting space use for each unit in the rehab. It does a good job of staying true to what I think is a larger Artspace aesthetic that we’ve learned over the years and is more preferred by artists ...read the rest...
Come over and check things out, later this week. Wow, Savarino is supposed to have this done by June 1st!
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