Sanborn Map Image - 1920's

Sanborn Map Image of Neighborhood - 1926
Bob Stasio from the 3rd floor Fire Prevention Dept. made the City’s collection of Sanford Maps available to me late last week. This photo represents the area surrounding this project.
147 -153 Woodlawn is located near the south-east corner of Masten & Woodlawn. Here it is the second property to the east of that corner. It is represented on the map by the four connected properties. This series of maps is dated, 1926.
The concentration of other row-house complexes in the neighborhood, is remarkable. I counted thirteen row-house complexes. They are unique to this part of Buffalo and based upon my early research this is the only part of the city that experienced this development. I paged thru the maps for the surrounding area and located one other set of wood frame row-houses. This is the row that was demolished in the 1998 on the corner of Laurel and Michigan.
The proximity of these row-houses to Offerman Stadium would have been about the coolest thing, I think, about living here in Cold Springs. If anyone has pictures of Offerman Stadium from the day, let me know. I’d like to include them in an emerging story about the neighborhood.

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