Preservation Coalition Meeting - Results

Thanks to Scott Field, Executive Director of the Erie County Preservation Coalition, for the spot on last week’s agenda. The board heard a brief history of the Woodlawn Avenue Row Houses. I presented a strong case for collaboration and community involvement in calling additional attention to the imminent “demolition by neglect” of this local landmark. I focused my remarks on the ownership history and the growing neighborhood concern regarding issues of safety and crime. The building is wide open in the back and is located diagonally across from Buffalo Traditional High School.

Various Board Members expressed a willingness and strong desire to help stimulate stronger awareness regarding the condition of this building. The suggestion was made to assemble a non-profit organization which would be responsible for the preservation and future end use of this local-landmark.

Towards this end a number of board members have agreed to assist in this endeavor. In addition it was decided that a strong “letter of concern” be sent to the Mayor and Chief Building Inspector Lou Petrucci. A request will be made for an interior inspection of the building at this time.

The Board did not specifically endorse the petition asking Housing Court Judge Nowak to compel the city to remedy the existing health and building code violations. A few board members thought this might serve to alienate the court. Other board members have signed the petition.

Let me know what you think. View and sign the petition!!!

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