School Project

I've been interested in abandoned and vacant properties around City schools for the longest time. See, School House Project - March 2005. There are so many glarring examples of neglect surrounding some of our finest assets, it's almost pathetic. FixBuffalo readers may remember Boarding Control earlier this year which featured some of the many properties owned by Bethel Community Development Corporation - aka, Rev. Richard Stenhouse who sits on Buffalo's very own Control Board as our Treasurer/Secretary.
Yet no where is the blatant neglect more visible than it is here.
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That's the Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence in the forground named after Dr. Wright. Special thanks to MJ , for the air shot. Other ones I've used recently - here and here.
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Anonymous said...

There's actually a second school also immediately adjoining the vacant Kensington Heights housing project, just to the right of this photo: School 84 (aerial view).

Didn't NYS just allot funds for demolishing Kensington Heights, to make way for a planned retirement community?

Mark Williams said...

The long abandoned Kensington Heights Housing is slated for demolition and will be replaced with a “green” senior assisted living community.

This new community will be geared for seniors who require little to no supervision but will be readily assisted in any form of emergency.

The concept is to allow seniors to reside in their own homes but still be under a watchful eye and the community will allow them to interact with other seniors or, rather, people of their own generation with common likes and interests.

In the next five to ten years the Catholic Heath System will be incorporating this same type of concept throughout their senior assisted living accommodations.

Though, I must point out, this community is not part of Catholic Health System.

Anonymous said...

more like an "asphalt" senior assited living facility...

maybe they can play hockey and stick ball in the ample parking surrounding each building ;)

Anonymous said...

Mark- you forgot to mention that one of the developers of the senior project sits on the Control Board.

Mark Williams said...

MJ – I am not too sure about asphalt paving in an assisted living community but I will remain un-jaded and hope for the best….

Westcoastperspective – I was not aware of one of the control board members being involved in the project…is that a good or bad thing?