Kaleida Expands - Again

Slightly to the south of City Honors is an entire city block with seven structures left, six houses and a former gas station. I walked around the other day after looking through the flickr stream that the folks at UB posted about UB2020. This pic caught my eye as it seemed to indicate that Kaleida Health wants to expand, again. I covered some of their recent expansion here - October 2006.
This time the following houses are slated for demolition.

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Today I received the following Business First story from a couple fixBuffalo readers -
Kaleida Health is hoping to receive state approval next week on a 300-bed skilled nursing facility adjacent to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

The state Hospital Review and Planning Council is set to consider Kaleida’s certificate-of-need application at its Dec. 11 meeting. The project was recommended for approval by the project review committee in late November. The certificate of need must be approved before the project can be built.

The proposed facility at Michigan Avenue and North Street will include 200 long-term-care beds, 40 memory-care beds, 30 subacute-care beds, 20 pediatric-care beds and 10 ventilator-care residents’ beds. The design calls for four connected buildings, each with four stories, and an outdoor greenspace for residents and visitors.

Pending state approval, site work is slated to begin next March, with completion and occupancy by May 2011 – in time to meet the state’s deadline for shutting down Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital [read the rest].

Interesting push East across Michigan Avenue. Kaleida's plans would line up with additional developments in the immediate neighborhood at the North/Michigan intersection. See - The Suburbanization of Michigan Avenue, July 2006 - and of course on the other corner is the new $40 million City Honors project.

Favorite Kaleida pic!

See - Kaleida Archive for additional information.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of demolition when something bigger and better can be put in. But it seems to me Buffalo has a fetish for healthcare. Seriously what's going on? UBMD, Kaleida, BNMC, etc., etc., etc.... I just don't understand this healthcare push.

fix buffalo said...

Anon 9:59,

Healthcare is big on this part of the planet. In part this is due to the fact that Erie County is the second oldest county - by demographic - in the country. Older folks require more medical attention than younger ones.

Also the medical campus right here in the neighborhood includes Roswell Park - the oldest cancer research/treatment center in the country. This probably has to do with the extraordinary level of toxicity - both industrial and radioactive - that exists here in WNY.

Anonymous said...

I just passed the house on the corner and thought what the hell kind of siding is that? Then I started to wonder what that great old victorian used to look like and what is has under that siding.

It makes me sad to see what has happened to what used to be once dense neighborhood.

I guess my question is, what are we supposed to do with an entire city block smack dab in the middle of the city that has 6 houses on it?

I mean I guess I feel like I did about that one brick house on Ellicott that was torn down in the middle of that parking lot. The community and density that makes these houses worth anything has been destroyed by past mistakes.

Wouldn't we rather use this as a Kaleida expansion than a land bank or a parking lot? It already has a giant parking lot on it if memory serves me correctly.

I've often wondered why the blocks between north, main/michig, jefferson, and virginia never gentrified or upped in value. Other than the entire area being littered with subsidized/section 8 housing.

The medical corridor hasn't had a good impact on these streets. Can anyone think of any good reason why?


STEEL said...

That sub shop"gas Station" had some good food back in the day. I used to work for my father over in this neighborhood. I don't remember it ever actually being a gas station. It is a shame with all the vacant space they need to move in this direction. Seems like there is no hurry to create any kind of critical mass out of the medical campus.

Anonymous said...

Housing as a whole in Erie County is cheap and commuting is way too easy. This doesn't create any pressures to gentrify an older area. Nor is there any type of regional planning on the county level to promote re-use of older infrastructure etc through tax incentives etc. When incentives such as "Empire Zones" are created to help older areas they become bastardized until they get to the point where they are being used to place Geico out in the far reaches of East Amherst. We constantly lay out the foundations that have given us what we currently have.