City Honors Update - Day 106

The foundation for the new natatorium is taking shape on the former front lawn of City Honors. Construction workers were laying the foundation's forms this week.
Here's a peek inside the pool.
I'll be adding pics to this - City Honors - flickr series on a regular basis in the weeks and months ahead.
Check out the City Honors archive for additional information and previous posts.
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Anonymous said...

Why did they build these additions on their lawn when they could have utiized land on the blocks around the school? Like across the street? I think an expansion beyond this one square block could have benefited and stabilized the area. Instead it looks like they are trying to corral the students into this one now-overbuilt square block - trying to avoid any community interaction. That original lawn framed the building and had the appropriate scale to the building.

fixBuffalo said...


I imagine you've seen the site plan - right here. Future expansion across the street, to the west, includes a number of additional athletic facilities.

In future construction posts I hope to include a few interviews with the design and planning team.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know more about the gravesites unearth there?

fixBuffalo said...


I'll be updating about this in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, if anyone has information about this they'd like to share, please do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I can't find a thing beyond what was in the local media.