Mid-Week Ask...

Once a week, I'll be asking fixBuffalo readers for additional advice and insight into what's happening in our shrinking city. If there are issues that intersect with cultural, economic and urban developments that are happening elsewhere that you think might be important for fixBuffalo readers to know about, please share.

This might include pics, links and stories that are happening across the country or on other parts of the planet that are important somehow to urban life; local or global material that you think other fixBuffalo readers might like to know - let me know. Going forward, think of this as an open forum of sorts about urban living. Thanks.
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Anonymous said...

Did you see they put up glass on the elevated walkway on Ellicot?
Did you know Ulrich's is getting a facelift?

Anonymous said...

Great site from the UK that hits on urban geography Deputy Dog.

fixBuffalo said...

Anon 10:39,

Thanks for the heads-up. Do you have any pics? I'll get over to Ulrich's the first part of the week.

fixBuffalo said...

Anon 6:29,

What an amazing find. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What about this symposium the Buffalo Diocese is having Tuesday Nov 18 about the churches they closed? Are you going?