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fixBuffalo readers may remember a series of posts about 204 High Street (google map). I first visited this place more than two years ago here, in September 2006. It's a fascinating spot, located one block from the medical corridor. 204 once housed a physician's office along High Street and an attached residence on Maple Street. While checking on some UB2020 and Kaleida Health developments in the neighborhood the other day, I took a closer look at 204 High Street.


Two years later, it's still standing. I've shown this place to a handful of people who've been interested in re-locating to this part of Buffalo.

IMG_1450 IMG_1445
Maple Street entrance on left and High Street entrance on right

204 High Street was part of a special City auction in September 2007.  It sold for $3800 yet the deal never closed. According to City Hall, it's still available. If you're interested, let me know. There's some interesting new development happening just blocks away - UB2020 and City Honors.

Here's a 204 High Street flickr series.
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Anonymous said...

What an awesome old home that is! A shame the city lets it collapse but the mayor is just doing what he does best which is nothing. I can just imagine what that place looked like in its day and what it could be again if somebody had all the money to invest. I'm sure it must need new everything which is more than most have to invest. A shame this will probably meet a sad fate with bulldozer if the mayor has his way.

Anonymous said...

were there ever any interior photos of this home to see?

fixBuffalo said...

I'll see about getting some. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

who do I contact about taking a look?

fixBuffalo said...

Anon - please follow breaking news on the fixBuffalo facebook stream. Thanks.