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The Hydraulics
Buffalo NY's newest blog - The Hydraulics - is out.
photo courtesy Chris Hawley

TheHydraulics.com is a blog devoted to news, people, places, histories, ideas, and events related to the Hydraulics, Buffalo's oldest manufacturing district and one of America's most important industrial heritage sites.

My name is Chris Hawley. I'm an urban planner and amateur historian who has taken a strong interest in the history and future of the Hydraulics. I work for Howard Zemsky, the investment guru whose vision transformed the vacant Larkin Terminal Warehouse into one of the most successful Class A office buildings in Western New York. I do special projects - whatever lands on my plate.

As part of my effort to write a comprehensive history of the Hydraulics, I thought it would be a cool idea to leapfrog that effort into a regularly-updated blog on all things related to the neighborhood's past, present, and potential future.

For more information, visit the introductory post on the Hydraulics and, of course, frequent the blog!

fixBuffalo readers already know the author, Chris Hawley. He wrote Midtown: Poised for Renaissance, a planning piece that's played a pivotal role in shaping the dialog around one of Buffalo's emerging new neighborhoods - Coe Place and Midtown.

If you do flickr, see what Chris sees with his camera right here.
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Chris Hawley said...

Thanks, Dave!

You know, four years ago it's hard to say who knew what "Midtown" was. Now Midtown is a household name in Buffalo, Coe Place is on the rebound, and people in Buffalo and around the world, clearly, are interested in what's happening with this once obscure and forgotten section called Midtown Buffalo you have opened up to them.

Your blog is a principal inspiration for TheHydraulics.com, which has a hope of revealing what the Hydraulics is, as well as what it could be!

Thanks for the great PR! Can't ask for better!

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