Smart Code in the City

At dinner tonight Chuck Banas shared the website he's just developed. Chuck's been working tirelessly in creating the conversation locally for code reform and educating everyone in his path about the importance of implementing form based zoning here in Buffalo. Here's the site:

Form Based Zoning: A Blueprint for Buffalo's Future

This is an educational and outreach effort, intended to help build awareness and consensus around the issue of form-based zoning in the City of Buffalo. The focal point of the project is a presentation and lecture which is being shown to local leaders and community groups. An online version of the slideshow is also part of this website.

Please check the Newsroom for related news, scheduled presentations, and other events. If you’d like your organization to host a presentation, please feel free to contact us.

There are many other resources available on this website. Check the Resources page for links, documents, and downloads.
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Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering this issue, David. SmartCode is an essential economic development initiative. The City is taking a very close look at implenting it and, as you know, have sent out a nationwide RFQ for planning consultants to take the lead on overhauling our 1951 Zoning Ordinance, to which more than a dozen teams have responded.

We know this much: the nation's leading planning for SmartCode, Placemakers, LLC, has responded to the City's Request for Qualifications.

More info on Placemakers can be found at:


Anonymous said...

awesome slide show. it shows that at least some people out there get it.

I'll pry be posting something on this/kicking tires with the Lockport Mayor on it ;)

Clockhill said...


This sort of planning is ESSENTIAL for reclaiming the city from cars and returning it to people-scale area. That is the building block of community, retail, density, security, etc.

Man I would love to work for him.