Ball Parks and River Walks

I received the following - For Modern Urban Growth - Don't Forget the Ball Park and the River Walk - from a fixBuffalo reader this afternoon. It's yesterday's post from a Wharton business school blog that focuses on the intersection of urban life and real estate values.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, major cities across America created massive Beaux Arts public spaces -- from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia to the fabled White City of the Chicago World Exposition in 1893 -- as part of a City Beautiful movement aimed at putting a clean and positive face on the nation's rush toward urbanization.

At the end of the 20th century, with those same cities under siege from a rapid loss of manufacturing jobs and suburban flight, urban planners again looked to salvage cities by improving civic spaces, but now with a more commercial bent toward attractions like new ballparks, aquariums or shop-lined river walks.

I've been slighly navigationaly challenged in working through some issues on this little - now four year old - neighborhood blog. Like other blogs, I should have a current comment stream somewhere in the sidebar to facilitate more organic interaction. I hope to have that up and running at somepoint soon.

In addition to some enhanced connectivity, I'll be saving links that readers send in here - fixreaders - over in my delicious bookmarks, which is about the coolest way to collect and share bookmarks. I'll collect them in a post periodically, too.

fixBuffalo readers might remember this post about an amazing ballpark, right here in the neighborhood.

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