Suburbs in the City - Part II

I walked down to the end of my street the other day - Woodlawn Avenue - and noticed that 8 houses have been demolished. Suburbs in the City from July 2008, begins to tell the story of $4-5 million dollar project that True Bethel has undertaken at the far end of Woodlawn Avenue.
In my first post - Suburbs in the City - there are a number of links to pics, maps, environmental concerns and a rather interesting comment stream over at Buffalo Rising about the project. I can't seem to locate any renderings or project site plans and there's no mention of this project on True Bethel's website.

As in the case of Sycamore Village, I'm wondering about the migration to this new development. Will residents here come from other places or leave behind a house somewhere here in the City like a game of musical chairs? Interesting dynamic, no doubt.

Construction updates to follow.
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STEEL said...

If only they had some kind of strategy they were following when building these houses. They don't though. It is just building for the sake fo building

fix buffalo said...


Surprised? There is NO plan.

In this new economy we have to be even more strategic than ever and we're not. What's up with that?