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I've added twitter towards the top of my sidebar.

Over the weekend I was talking with friends about the value of this technology to capture breakneck events and other timely stories. I signed up yesterday and added twittelator to my iPhone to get all synced-up.

Just finished reading this post - How Should Journalists Use Twitter? - posted hours ago on the Columbia Journalism Review blog. Very cool.

So, follow me on twitter!
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wolfman said...

It took me awhile to jump into blogging as you know David thanks to your encouragement.

I have yet to see the value in the short rapid fire transmissions of Twitter. I don't get the whole thing of following someone in order to receive their short thoughts throughout the day.

Perhaps I will come around sooner or later.

fix buffalo said...


My blog stats have jumped 10% since I started on twitter. I wanted to twitter away on the BOA meeting last night, but couldn't get a sustained signal on my iphone at the Buffalo Irish Center. Like other things perhaps - trial/error...next! Read somewhere that twitter is for new friends, and facebook is for old friends...