City Pics

The Buffalo Flickr group is home to 11,000+ shots of Buffalo. Here's the never ending slide show.

One of my favorite shots of City Hall includes Kenneth Snelson's Coronation Day - my favorite sculpture in the City - that was installed in 1980. You can check out all of Poetdiva's work - here.
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Anonymous said...

A professionally printed book of all these images would be a hit.

fix buffalo said...



Crisa said...

Whomever took these pictures has a symmetrical eye that I bet F. Lloyd Wright would notice, AT&T would envy and the public would enjoy.

(That one with what might be sand dunes looks like a push-up bra working hard to push up a heavy load!)

Crisa said...

Hello, out there!

Maybe my use of 'symmetrical' isn't quite the right word, but, whomever takes these pictures has an eye for "more bars in more places" without the photos being deliberately staged.

(That shot of the moon (Near Perigee Morning), the moon looks just like a dino egg!)

Anonymous said...

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