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Smart City is a weekly, hour-long public radio talk show that takes an in-depth look at urban life, the people, places, Create Documentideas and trends shaping cities. Host Carol Coletta talks with national and international public policy experts, elected officials, economists, business leaders, artists, developers, planners and others for a penetrating discussion of urban issues.

This weekend...

How do you preserve a magnificent national landscape by promoting city living? That's the mission of The Cascade Land Conservancy, which is working to make Seattle appealing so that sprawl doesn't consume the Cascade Mountains that surround the city. We've got two guests from the Conservancy who will tell us what it does, and how it works with developers, loggers and a community to help save the cascade landscape.

And the world of public planning can sometimes seem closed off to the average citizen. Deb Ryan of the University of North Carolina Charlotte is looking to change that. She's created a virtual collaboration tool called Wikiplanning , which she presented during the Urban 20x20 event before the CEOs for Cities National Meeting last month. We'll talk to Deb about creating a place where citizens can weigh in on the future of their city, and how it all works.

Listen to host Carol Colletta - list of additional stations/times - 7pm Sunday on WNED - 970 in Buffalo, NY. Past Shows are archived and the newsletter is published regularly.
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